HAUNT, 2020
99 inkjet prints on photo rag paper

HAUNT (2020) is a photography installation of ninety-nine pictures taken by Cheryl Schurgers within nine weeks of self-isolation in her home in Amsterdam and published on @cherylschurgers since the start of the project.

During the first COVID-19 Lockdown between March and May 2020, she avoided all social contacts to experience complete solitude for an uncertain time. The intimate setting of her private environment intensified the solitary process of being both the photographer and the subject of her works.

Fascinated by the concept of ‘room travel’ from the 1794 book Voyage Autour de Ma Chambre (A Journey Around my Room) by Frenchman Xavier de Maistre, she made a journey through her distinctive apartment that is more work space than living space. Inspired by films set exclusively in one location, her apartment allowed her to privately construct her One Room story, referencing clichés in cinematic imagery with a focus on the depiction of female characters. The longer she was alone, the more the fiction she wanted to create became her reality.

HAUNT refers to an animal’s nest, one’s territory, but at the same time the haunted feeling of no distraction from your body and thoughts during isolation. The installation is a rhythm of images made in different situations within the intimacy of the apartment and shows the repetitive state of mind that Schurgers experienced when she stayed indoors for a long time.

As museums and galleries remained closed, the pictures of HAUNT were consistently posted to her Instagram feed from April 2020 to April 2021.

The complete series (HAUNT 01 – 99) will be shown in an upcoming publication.