2020 – 2021
HAUNT, 2020 – 2021
99 pictures, 9 weeks of self-isolation

HAUNT is a photography installation of ninety-nine pictures taken by Cheryl Schurgers during nine weeks of self-isolation in her apartment in Amsterdam.

The project pays tribute to her favourite haunt: her home which is more workspace than living space. Based on the concept of ‘room-traveling’ from the 1794 book Voyage Autour de Ma Chambre by Xavier de Maistre, she lived without social contacts and took pictures day and night with limited resources.

The intimate setting of her home enhanced the solitary process of being both the photographer and subject of her works. It allowed her to privately construct a One Room story, referencing clichés in cinematic imagery with a focus on the depiction of female characters. The longer she was alone, the more the fiction she wanted to create became her reality.