A Cheryl (2017) is the concept Dutch fashion collective We Are Muze has been developing in collaboration with photographer Cheryl Schurgers.

The shoot of the casting for Cheryl lookalikes took place on July 6th 2017 at Studio 13 in Amsterdam. Eleven girls were reached out to via the casting call poster and were then selected to participate in the official casting shoot. At the casting, each of them had to imitate Cheryl both in looks and the way they acted. Instructed to come all in black, the participants were then invited to enter the world of Cheryl and We Are Muze by dressing in the SS18 pieces of BYBROWN, Electric Co, Jessica Joyce and LoveLuha. Under the direction of Cheryl herself, the girls were instructed to perform four different acts, each of which represented a translation of the alter ego theme by the We Are Muze designers.

During Paris Fashion Week, We Are Muze showcased the Spring / Summer 2018 collections in a presentation at Atelier Néerlandais. The collective of designers, BYBROWN, Electric.co, LoveLuha and Jessica Joyce embraced the theme of identity that is part of Schurgers’ work.

The visitors first entered a photo gallery with works showing the results of the Cheryl lookalike casting. The public were then invited to walk through to the next space where a video by Studio Julius Thissen was played about the process of the casting call. The presentation was completed with a live Cheryl installation. In this installation, Cheryl lookalikes were controlled by Cheryl herself, immersing the visitor in a world full of Cheryls and the alter ego.