SAVOUR 25, 2015
Inkjet print on photo rag paper
Edition of 5

SAVOUR (2015) is a photography installation of twenty-six images in various sizes. Many works in art history depict young women and food to emphasize the passing time of their beauty and youth. While food is a well-known metaphor for sexuality, it simultaneously illustrates death and the dissolution of the flesh.

Cheryl Schurgers searched for contemporary examples of this phenomenon and collected film stills from mainstream movies in which the female character is remarkably filmed during dinner scenes compared to the male lead. In the performative works of SAVOUR she focusses on the material characteristics of food, yet the innocent gesture of eating retains its sexual connotation. Molding herself into an image in which beauty goes hand in hand with textures of food stains that we consider dirty. The sculptural quality of food can only exist in a picture because it would rot and fall apart in real life after a while, just like the human body eventually does.

Schurgers uses the style of fashion photography to link to its sources that can be found in the flow of images to which we are exposed on a daily basis. They continue to strive for perfection, but the concept of Vanitas lingers under the flawless skin.