SAVOUR, 2015

26 inkjet prints on photo rag paper
Mounted on wood
Various sizes

SAVOUR is a photography installation of twenty-six pictures based on a series of film stills from various movies collected by Cheryl Schurgers, in which the female characters are remarkably filmed during dinner scenes compared to the male protagonists.

While food is a well-known metaphor for sexuality, it simultaneously illustrates death and the dissolution of the flesh. Many works in art history depict young women and food to emphasize the passing time of their beauty and youth. In this series, Schurgers focused on the characteristic textures of food, but the innocent gesture of eating retains its sexual connotation.

The works of SAVOUR are her vanitas portrait that seeks to depict the transience of material existence, shot in the style of food advertising to link to the sources found in the stream of images we are exposed to on a daily basis.


SAVOUR, 2015
Rozenstraat, Amsterdam, 2015