‘Et moi, et moi, et moi’


Presenting ‘A Cheryl’ WE ARE MUZE will open the doors to its multifaceted realm at Atelier Néerlandais, during Paris Fashion Week.

WE ARE MUZE, a Dutch collective of visionary fashion and accessory designers, will be presenting their Spring / Summer 2018 collections on Wednesday September 27th.

This in collaboration with Cheryl Schurgers, a photographer who explores the way images influence our identity. She plays with the ideas of the alter ego, the perception of similarity and multiple identities by placing herself as both the artist and the subject of her work, which is known for its uncanny poses.

The presentation ‘A Cheryl’ is based around selected contestants who are invited to enter the universe of both Cheryl and We Are Muze by undergoing an initial identity transformation. They are transformed into ‘A Cheryl’ both in the way they look and act. In this way they become the muse and a medium for an exploration into the alter ego, inviting the public to enter and become part of the layered world of We Are Muze.